Enter feeling like a giant. But when you leave, you just may realize how small you really are.


Be a giant roaming the world, in an interactive and immersive world of Miniatures.

Wall Street Journal

So intricate that you can even see mini-exhibits inside of a mini-Whitney Museum.

New York Magazine

What is Miniature World?

Imagine the most technologically-advanced, interactive, and immersive world of miniatures ever created, showcasing 40 countries on 5 continents.

Journey around the world to discover famous landmarks and world heritage sites, all rendered in stunning detail by the world’s best model-makers. Marvel at model trains criss-crossing mountainsides. Watch planes soaring off runways. Be captivated by boats gently gliding through canals, and the sun rising and setting behind rolling vistas and iconic cityscapes.

Spanning a full city block, this unique experience fuses cutting-edge technology with incredible artistry: from a 75 ft long operational miniature airport, to erupting volcanoes and a functioning Panama Canal. With hundreds of hidden stories scattered throughout, this attraction is suitable for all ages.

Miniature World is a Giant Experience that will ignite your imagination and challenge your perspective!

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Buildings and Bridges

Feet of Train Tracks




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Man enjoys miniature New York scene of food trucks in plaza.

"The country's largest display of miniatures. Mind-boggling iconic buildings from around the world!"

— Time Out New York

"You can expect great things from these tiny wonders."

— Yelp Review
Father and daughter admire minitiature Brooklyn Bridge.
Boots standing on miniature New York street scene.

"A Huge Little World drawing crowds of full-size humans from around the globe."

— New York Times

"This miniature world is changing perspectives... Literally!"

— Tastemade
A model maker adjusts a miniature figure with a tweezers.

Miniature World - A Giant Experience

Miniature World is Moving!!

Please email news@bigminiworld.com to receive updates on our re-opening dates and special events.