Our New York City exhibit celebrates scale and reveals the busy street life of our urban landscape

New York City, the first stop on your tour through Miniature World, will set the stage for all to come. We challenged our artists to interpret their region, as they see it. The model makers that built New York wanted to create a “city of light.” The skyscrapers are represented as pillars of light — illuminating the brilliance, vibrancy and jaw-dropping height of this great town.

Look for all the major landmarks from the Empire State Building, to Central Park, to the Staten Island Ferry Building. Not only model train lovers will delight in our version of Grand Central Station — it is sliced open to allow you to see three levels of transit at the same time – cars, commuter trains, and the subway system, as well as the main concourse. Can you spot the tightrope walker between the chandeliers?

More than a city of great sights, New York is a city of great people. Our NYC model focuses on the city’s most vital asset — the people that live, visit, and move about town each day, making for some of the most colorful street life on earth. Can you spot the firefighters high-fiving each other as they rescue a cat from a tree, trapeze artists swinging on a flying trapeze, a grafitti artist tagging a wall, and a man cracking a safe in the Met Life Building?

"One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years."

Tom Wolfe
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Look closely and you might even find your hotel or favorite pizzeria -- it's easy to get lost in the Big City.

While making this model, the model maker's cat knocked over a can of paint, leaving a trail of blue paw prints leading to the window.

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