From the Aegean Sea to the Northern Lights in Scandinavia, Europe unfurls like an intricate puzzle

The Colossus of Rhodes welcomes you to our collage of the European continent. The Continent sheds the rules of time and space and invites visitors to explore many of Europe's classic wonders and her technological achievements. Don Quixote tilts with his windmill half a meter from the Large Hadron Collider while the Coliseum sits a short distance from a Swiss hydroelectric plant.

Step back in time to interact with the ancient world and you may see Zeus high in the clouds above Mount Olympus — use your key to activate the storm for Zeus only reveals himself when lightning strikes!

Visitors will discover the grandeur of the natural world in Europe from the towering majesty of the Matterhorn, to the sharp pink slopes of the Dolomites, up to the glassy clear Norwegian fjords where you can glimpse the Aurora Borealis flickering in the night sky.

As you move through the exhibit you’ll be captivated by modern marvels as well. Ponder a nearly five-hunted foot bungee jump as you gaze at Austria’s tallest structure, Donauturm (the Danube Tower) or remember where you were when the Berlin Wall came down. Explore the Continent and find your own stories....

"I couldn’t feel more European than when I see Swedish people, German people, British people, Spanish people, Italians, cheering for me. I mean, you can’t feel more European than that. I think that when everybody comes together and cheers for one, for the same cause, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. I think that’s the ultimate European feeling"

Sergio Garcia, 2014 Ryder Cup Winner


Look closely to find the many treasures of Europe, old and new.

In our whimsical version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, tourists band together and, using ropes, attempt to straighten the tower.

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