Welcome to New England — the birthplace of the United States and quintessential Americana

Our New England model shrugs off the constraints of time and reveals her glory in all the seasons. From classic Maine beach scenes, to the famous fall foliage, to skiers on Vermont’s highest peak, we invite explores to revel in the best each season has to offer, in just one visit.

The model begins at the Connecticut waterfront with fishing boats returning to port, guided by the Old Saybrook Lighthouse. A gander at the cow behind the New London Station leads you on to Wolf Borough, New Hampshire where you may spot Tom Brady’s jersey hanging on a clothesline to dry.

Even if you missed the moose behind the log cabin, you’re sure to spot the Green Monster in Boston’s Fenway Park.

The spirit of Massachusetts is alive in the rural and town scenes in the model. You can almost smell the wood burning fire in our quaint New England town complete with church, post office, general store and all the houses, fields, barns and covered bridges surrounding.

Enjoy the ride as our model railroads course through New England. You’ll see freight trains, passenger trains —including an Acela, logs trains, mine ore cars and even a cog train. Look around, and enjoy your journey through this classic piece of America.

"One of the brightest gems in the New England weather is the dazzling uncertainty of it."

Mark Twain
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Where's Waldo?

Rumor has it that Waldo can be found in two places in the New England model! Can you find him?

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