Cities of Gold await exploration in our interpretation of Latin America

The raw natural beauty and technical achievements of Latin America combine in our model to wonderful effect. Visit our Panama Canal and watch as we move freighters through different levels in the functioning locks. Experience the majesty of Iguazu Falls in Argentina and marvel at the engineering triumph Puente de la Mujer in Buenos Aires.

The rich histories and cultures of the countries are illuminated by the dwelling scenes throughout the model. From Maya and Incan civilizations, you’ll see the amazing ancient cities of Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza. Leaping into the present day you’ll find the timeless city of Valparaiso, Chile with its vibrant houses dotting the mountainside and La Boca, the famous neighborhood of Buenos Aires known for its colorful homes and love of tango and soccer.

The exhibit celebrates Latin America, from the Caribbean to the countries of Central and South America and allows every visitor to experience the sights and sounds of these rich lands. Spanish isn’t required but be sure to keep your eyes open for the hidden gems and mighty model trains throughout this section of our world.

"It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams."

Gabriel García Márquez


There is so much too see in the vibrant nightlife of Buenos Aires' La Boca neighborhood!

La Boca, the place where immigrants from Italy, Spain, and other European countries found their first shelter in Argentina. This cross-cultural mix gave birth to tango. The couple on the corner will dance for you if you use your key. ¿Dónde están los bailarines de tango?

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